Glowy Misty Goodness.

Skin, it’s something that’s always crying out for attention and Pixi has a great range of mists that cater for different skin needs – have look here. I have Glow Mist, mainly because it was free from this years Glamour Festival.

The Glow Mist is my most used freebie, it’s great to keep in your bag ready for that impending skin emergency. Simply give the bottle a quick shake, close your eyes and spritz over the face for extra hydration.

I tend to get a little spritz happy, I just love the way the mist hits my face, its so relaxing. This product is effortless and is suitable for all skin types.


There are few ways I like to use Glow Mist:

  • To hydrate my face when I’m to lazy to do the whole skincare slog.
  • When my skin needs an extra boost after a night out, it’s so cooling it soothes my skin.
  • An extra spritz when my skin is dull and needs some extra glow, particularly when I use a powder foundation.

It’s also an alright make up setter but don’t get replacing your Urban Decay All Nighter just yet. I keep this little bottle of joy is kept in my bag ready to save the day, ideal for traveling to refresh you face after a stuffy flight.

The new Pixi Sun Mist has caught my eye which seems ideal for this years festival season with SPF 30.


*Non Spon


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