Music Is A Healer.

I can’t remember a time where music couldn’t solve my problems. It inspired me to finish my degree, kept me calm before jaw surgery, lulled me to sleep on a restless night and now its here to motivate me through this next chapter.

Latitude is just around the corner and to familiarise myself with some fresh talent I like to compile a playlist of artists I wouldn’t mind catching. One artist who seems to be making an appearance at a lot of festivals this year is Tom Grennan who was also hotly tipped for BBC Sound 2017.

Since my recent slum Tom Grennan’s Something in the Water has really spoken to me, his soulful voice has soothed the sting of some disappointing news. Primarily a love song, in my current state of mind, I perceived this track as an act of self love. The way Grennan sings “Theres something in the water calling my name” with such conviction you just can’t help but belt it out yourself and feel the sense of empowerment. These words resonate with me proving there is something better out there for me, I’ve just got to get of my arse and find it. Until then I’m going to continue belting out this brilliant track in search of that better thing that’s no doubt on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Music Is A Healer.

  1. I’ve been listening to the La La Land soundtrack continuously since I got it over the weekend. According to iTune, I’ve played it 19 times. Crazy. But my days have been incredible, humming those songs while I’m doing something I may not like. It does make a difference!

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