Pick Yo’self Up

We’ve all been there. Shit happens but what you do next defines you.

Hopefully in life we don’t experience this feeling all too often, because it can be bloody hard to pick yourself up again. Through no-ones fault, my time came sooner than expected. The kick up the bum I’ve been tactically avoiding for so long found me the but real sting came because I was actually happy.

Not getting into the nitty gritty, I write this post not for sympathy but to motivate myself through this recent bump in the road. I’ve wallowed and shed enough tears to flood the Channel Isles but now I have to pick myself back up. I have something to prove, to myself more than anyone.

My blog has been a little lack lustre recently because I just haven’t had the time and that’s going to change. If you enjoy something you make the time for it, so expect more content coming your way..


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