Rosie’s Copper Gold Rush.

I swore to myself no more eye palettes. Then I saw this one. And for a mere £18 how could I say no to this rose gold wonder?


Just look at it. Similar in style to Charlotte Tilbury but at half the price, Rosie’s collaboration with Autograph isn’t half bad. This palette is available in four shades and the one I picked was Copper Gold Rush. Since acquiring the palette it’s all I’ve been wearing and to my delight I have had plenty of compliments.


The muted brown is similar to Urban Decays ‘Naked’ and is the perfect all rounder, you can use it all over the lid but I like to whack it in the crease. The gorgeous copper shimmer is the party in the palette reviving an otherwise neutral palette. Add some pop to your look by highlighting with this effortless champaign shade and doll up your look with the chocolatey rose stamped brown.

I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented these shadows were and how easily they blended. For £18 you really can’t complain. The only gripe I have is the packaging; I feel it could be less bulky, however you are getting more product so I can let that one slide.


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