February On Repeat.

How is it nearly the end of March? Ok so my February playlist is 15 days late but I am still determined to deliver 12 playlists this year. Better late than never, I present you with the best tracks from February. It’s a little short but I was busy doing other things like having Genioplasty and getting old.

The Magic Gang are quickly becoming my favourite new band of 2017. How Can I Compete has that indie hook that I crave even more so after a couple of cans of Red Stripe. A feel good indie tune soon to be a modern classic.

Where the hell have Superfood been? It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything since the 2014 debut Don’t Say That, but finally they are back and they’ve gone Double Dutch. It’s full of the delicious melodies and intoxicating vocals that Superfood do so well.

You remember Milky Chance? They did that tune Down By The River? You know the one, it was alright but got kind of boring. Well they are back and I’m totally obsessed with Ego. It’s not boring at all – in fact it’s quite catchy.

Favourite new find.
Swimming Tapes


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