Lipstick Confidence

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with your lipstick, especially if you don’t dare to go bold. I can safely say I was stuck, steering clear of anything bolder than my own lip tone. I was gathering quite a collection of shades which were all pretty identical.

One day I found myself in Birmingham wanting a new lipstick but I had no idea what I wanted. It was a combination of feeling spendy and wanting something new. It wasn’t long before I was roaming around Selfridges beauty hall, magnetised to my favourite counter; Charlotte Tilbury.


The beauty assistant clearly saw me looking bewildered at all the shades but the truth was I wanted them all. The assistant helped me pick out the perfect shade by swatching all the colours they thought would suit me. I was then asked  to disregard the shade that I would instantly pick which was- Very Victoria – an effortless nude. And then do the same with the shade I wouldn’t even consider wearing which was – Night Crimson a vampy deep red.



Before I know it my lipstick was removed and my lips were being lined with brown hued Hollywood Honey, reshaping and resizing to create the illusion of bigger fuller lips. I just love the Charlotte Tilbury lipliners they trace the lips effortlessly and then straight from the bullet on went Love Liberty – the perfect raspberry rose shade.


These Matte Revolution lipsticks are insane. Available in 12 different shades and the colour pay off is incredible; they even smell heavenly to, so what’s not to love? They don’t trudge across the lip like most matte’s do but instead melt across the lips like butter. What makes Charlotte’s mattes extra special is that they have glowing pigments “creating the illusion of lit-from-within lips that appear wider and fuller.”  Most, if not all, of Charlotte’s make up has some sort of skin benefit and her lipsticks are no exception, with lipstick tree and orchid extract your lips will never be lacking moisture with this matte.


£40 later with my lipstick craving curbed, I now have a new colour I would never naturally go for. The beauty assistant on Charlotte Tilbury was fantastic and continued to inform me on how to do my eyes to complement the shade I had bought. I no longer feel shy about trying bolder colours, my next purchase might have to be Miranda May ready for spring.


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