1 Week Post Sliding Genioplasty.

Everything was going to plan; I had a light breakfast at stupid o’clock, stopped drinking water by 11AM and had all my stuff packed and ready to go a hour before I needed to leave. To keep me calm whilst I waited to leave, I cuddled up on the sofa with my furry friend. But then my phone rang. SHIT! I genuinely thought my operation was going to be cancelled as it turns out I was meant to be there at 11AM not 1PM like my letter stated. Luckily I was ready to go, so I rushed over to the hospital without a moment to think and, before I knew it, was back on that bed in theatre number 7.

People told me the pain from genioplasty isn’t as bad compared to jaw surgery, “you’ve been through worse” they said. My pain threshold is pretty low anyway but the pain from genioplasty is no easier than that of  jaw surgery, in fact it’s completely different. When you wake up from that forced slumber with the taste of blood in your mouth, your first thought isn’t “this isn’t as bad as before” but more “where the hell am I and why do I feel like shit.”

As I try to lift my weary body up and fling myself on to the bed where I’ll be staying for the night, I realise I’m on the very same ward and very same bed as 8 months prior. #Throwback. Drifting in and out of consciousness, with a bloody oxygen mask strapped around my face, I finally managed to stay awake long enough to sit up. I scrambled for my bag, grabbed my phone and sent Mom this.

img_1413Aren’t I pretty.

I was in for a long night, but then again who really gets a good nights sleep in hospital anyway? I’ll be drifting off to sleep and the next thing I know the nurse would be prodding me in the arm ready to take my observations. Unfortunately for me, late into the night, my blood pressure was running low so I had to put onto a drip. The next morning all I wanted to do was go home, however the doctors weren’t hot on the idea thanks to my poor blood pressure. Thankfully after a terrifying x-ray and a bucket load of water I was soon home, ready for tea and reunited with my furry friend.

mdeHe loves me.

Double jaw surgery was hard going and when I woke up from genio I felt like I was heading down that road again. The first couple of days I was dosing myself up and sleeping the days away. Rinsing my mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash may be keeping the wound in my mouth clean but I was still very much aware of how sore it was. This new pain was making my bottom teeth feel strange, somehow leaving them more sensitive and more present. I know it sounds weird.

I had to wear a chin strap for the first 72 hours which was disgusting, covered in blood and anything else that dribbled out my mouth. However this dodgy tape beard was protecting my fragmented chin, which was precariously being held in place by a couple of titanium plates. I couldn’t get my face wet so washing my hair was a no go, and my skincare went out the window. My hair lived in a bun for 72 hours and I couldn’t wait to get rid of this tape bandage. Or so I thought.

img_1432Look how disgusting it is, also note the grease.

The removal of the chin strap wasn’t the happy moment I was hoping for. On the 72nd hour, I peeled back the bandages to reveal my newly proportioned chin. I hated it. Here we go again. The flood gates had opened, I was hysterical; it just wasn’t what I envisioned. It was massive, disgusting and I felt sick just looking at it. Yes there was a lot of swelling and the bruise under my chin was significant but you know me, I can’t see past that. I wanted it to be the perfect chin the surgeon had promised me, not a gradual surprise where I need to learn to love myself again.


Looking on the brighter side of life, I could eat. Yes the first couple of days are a bit of a struggle but if you’ve had jaw surgery trust me, you’ve got this. Yes the swelling in my lip combined with the chin strap restricted the movement in my mouth. To make life easier I dug out the trusty baby knife and fork again, cut things up real small. #throwback week 4 double jaw surgery. Once the chin strap came off eating became a lot easier, I didn’t feel as restricted and the muscles in my neck didn’t feel like they were being pulled as much.

Today I am one week post op and I’m taking it easy, simple things tire me out but thats to be expected. Since the chin strap was removed I’ve been able to ice the affected area which has helped reduce the swelling and bring out the bruise. Underneath the chin I have two small hard balls which have formed along the break one of which is very painful. My bottom lip feels tight and I can’t feel my chin. At the moment I’m avoiding mirrors and using snapchat filters to get used to the monster on my face. I’m hoping the swelling disappears soon and maybe I’ll change my mind but for now I’m in pain, tired and just want to enjoy the look of my new chin.

Here are some photos of my recovery so far, tomorrow I see my surgeon I’m sure he will be doing his happy dance as usual.
Day of Surgery

Day 5.


Day 7.


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