Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve been following my jaw journey you will already know the length of the journey, the ups and downs I’ve been through and so far its all been worth it.

Today I’ll be taking that long walk to the Nucleus Theatre to be knocked out once more to finish my journey to a better jaw. Today my surgeon will be preforming a genioplasty on me. This was originally meant to happen during my double jaw surgery however my face decided to balloon, increasing the risk of nerve damage in the face, so the procedure was post-poned.

Genioplasty is a procedure that will increase or decrease the size of someone’s chin – in my case I need an increase of about 8mm. It looks something like this:

I’ve been told the procedure isn’t as bad a the double jaw surgery but it certainly isn’t going to be a walk in the park. My feelings towards to the genioplasty are completely different compared to my previous surgery. I’ve been so blasé about the whole thing and I think that’s down to how this surgery came about.

Back in December I went for a consultation with both my Surgeon and Orthodontist and on that same day they gave me a date for this surgery, with less than a months notice. It was a fight or flight moment and I certainly didn’t want to pass up this opportunity so I jumped at the chance. It’s not like jaw surgery where teams of people got together to meticulously plan how my jaws were going to fit together. No with my genioplasty the surgeon literally said he will just “wing it.” The risk of nerve damage is high, as there are more nerves floating around in the chin. I still have minimal swelling from the previous surgery and my feeling around my bottom lip isn’t quite right. I’m not sure if the genioplasty will make this any better or worse.

Here are I am 8 months Post-Double Jaw Surgery / Pre-Genioplasty.

I’ll update you when I’m on the other side but for now I’m hungry and fed up of waiting.
@darryldoes thinks Ill end up having a sad face like my dog, but with a bit more chub.



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