Magical Samples.

I have this box in my draw where I hoard beauty samples from magazines, old beauty boxes and more recently 25 days of the M&S Christmas Beauty Calendar. Since Christmas broke my bank I just haven’t replaced any of my go to products so I’ve been delving into my magic box instead, searching for something new and exciting.

If you bought the M&S Beauty Calendar and you are a Sparks card holder you are in for a treat. The Sparks card has magical bonus waiting for you, a one time offer where you get 20% of your favourite products from last year’s calendar. This offer is for a limited time only so make sure you don’t miss out on these iconic products.



I was in desperate need of a new moisturiser and thanks to my handy sample box the REN Evercalm Day Cream came along and saved the day. It smells like a forest holiday and helps protect your skin against pollution, what more could you want. I have exceptionally dry skin and this not only re-hydrates my skin, making my face look 100% more revitalised, but keeps it hydrated longer than my previous moisturiser. I loved it so much I had to buy it. The full sized bottle on this baby dispenses the cream via a pump at just the right amount to cover your face and neck. A little really does go a long way.


Another product from the beauty calendar which I couldn’t be without now is The Alpha H, Liquid Gold. It is a firm favourite and has quickly secured a place in my skin care regime. I use the Liquid Gold every other night as instructed and every other night it works wonders on my complexion.  I’ve been using the Liquid Gold religiously now for a month and my skin has improved immensely. My spots are clearing up, my complexion looks a lot brighter and my pores seem less visible. When you apply the Liquid Gold to the face there is a slight tingling but that’s how you know it’s working. I’m nearing the end of the sample and now M&S are offering this fabulous Sparks offer I will be definitely stocking up again. Believe the hype this stuff is magic and a future icon.



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