2017 – Goals

These last two months have been crazy hence why the blog has been lacking content. Now that Christmas has been and gone and as the first day of 2017 is quickly coming to a close it’s time to  get back on track.

At the beginning of 2016 I set myself 3 goals; Blog more consistently, read a book and visit somewhere new. I can honestly say that these goals helped me gain a sense of achievement in doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do, as well as making incredible memories a long the way. Seen as it worked so well last year I might as well give it another go.

In 2017 I pledge to;

Continue growing my blog.
Last year I managed to blog more consistently and this year I want continue doing this however I need to up-the-ante. I’m going to come up with a schedule and take this blogging thing a bit more seriously.

Save Money.
It’s time to save some serious pennies, I’m not entirely sure what for but having savings is always a good idea. During 2016 I spent money like it was going out of fashion, partly down to fear of missing out whilst I was recovering from double jaw surgery. Now that I’m clocking more hours at work hopefully this will result in a healthy little pot by the end of the year.

Get Fit.
I haven’t over indulged during the festive period so this isn’t a case of “new year new me.” My fitness is tragic and this year I’d like to be able to have the stamina to stand up all day at a festival, might even attempted a 5K run but lets not get to carried away.

Lets do this.


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