Soon to be 7 months after Double Jaw Surgery, today I say goodbye to the metal work which made it all possible. So before I showcase my new smile without the prominent train tracks running across my teeth, here’s a little update.

Over the last 4 months a few things have changed; after a drunken midnight snack in Barcelona I can finally eat crisps again. I had my first scale and polish since my operation and it went a little like this; pulling, pressing, stretching, stabbing and not forgetting a good hosing, cheers for that. Most of the swelling has pretty much disappeared and all that remains are some sponginess around the chin and around the cheeks, but to be honest you probably wouldn’t even notice. The feeling in my chin is spotty and still feels uncomfortable however I’m not holding out any hope of the feeling returning. In a fortnight I have an appointment to discuss Genioplasty which I believe will give me the look I always envisioned, but I am coping a lot better with my appearance. Here are some monthly photos to remind you of the journey so far.

Day 0 – Day 2 – Day 8

1 Month

4 Months

7 Months.

Now for the big reveal. It’s a pretty big deal; no more pain, elastics, food getting lodged in the bracket and not forgetting the surgery itself. It’s the moment where you finally get to see what it has all been for. I had Quad Helix for 2 years,  Braces for 5 and half years and Double Jaw Surgery 7 months ago. I was more than ready to say goodbye to my brace face. Here are some photos to remind you of how my journey began back in 2011.

June 2011

Day 1 Braces.




Having braces during the early years of my adult life didn’t bother me but 5 and half years was just a little bit too long. When my orthodontist handed me the mirror to see my new smile and the teeth, the happy tears came pouring out. I had completely forgot what my teeth looked like without braces and my smile says it all. I’m still in shock and if it wasn’t for the ridiculous snapchat filters aiding my mental recovery I probably would still be sitting in front of a mirror trying to make sense of this witchcraft.

Actually having the braces of isn’t as bad as I thought. It was like a day at the spa compared to what I’ve been through previously. Clamp, squeeze, crunch and the bracket comes off. It sounds worse than it actually it is but honestly it doesn’t hurt, some teeth are more sensitive than others  which caused mild discomfort but that was about it.

Once the brackets are off they need to remove the cement which is left behind on the teeth. Cue just one more horrendous drilling nose. I completely understand why people people fear the dentist but I actually didn’t feel a thing. My orthodontist even rounded of my chipped front tooth. Bonus!

As I’m sure most of you know it doesn’t end here though. I now have retainers but at least these come out. I simply pop the retainers in and remove them when I eat, drink hot, fizzy or sugary drinks and the pop them back in. At the moment I have to wear them continuously for the next two weeks and after that just at night. The retainers are much kinder to the inside of you mouth and they will help to keep the teeth looking perfect. I will happily wear them every night for the rest of my life with that result in mind. I have to say my bottom retainer is a lot tighter compared to the top causing mega jaw ache but it’s just something new to get used to.

It all still feels a bit surreal but after 5 and half years the wait is over and boy was it worth it.

Bye Bye Brace Face.



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