Bloom – Navigating Life and Style

Estée Lalonde is an internet personality who this year has released her own book Bloom. Over the last year or so I have spent quite a lot of time watching Estée through her YouTube channels, Estée Lalonde and ‘Everyday Estée’ featuring cameo appearances from her boyfriend Aslan and their super cute greyhound Reggie.

When Estée announced she was writing a book I just had to have it. I’m not usually big on reading but there is just something about the way Estée speaks that I thought would translate well into a book and I wasn’t wrong. The book is exquisite.


Bloom is an extension of the Estée we already know thanks to her videos and Blogs. It’s something you can physically hold and admire in a different way to her videos. As you turn the pages you notice the small details which just scream Estée. The pages have been designed with a subtle pastel tones to mark the changing of the chapters as well as the page numbers being noted at the sides. The imagery used inside the book are beautiful and complement the points she makes in the text succinctly.

Estée has carefully curated this book into 8 sections; Life, People, Work, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Travel and Food. All of which are the main contributing factors to life. Inside she talks about how the definitive moments in her life have helped shape her into the person she is today.

Bloom is an inspirational read talking about poignant topics; from emotional childhood memories, struggling with mental illness, learning to love herself and about leaving her family to follow her heart. What makes Bloom so special is how open and honest she is throughout the book, her experiences are so relatable they will resonate will people in different ways whether it’s to help them through a particular crisis or just remind them how far they have come. Bloom is a constant journey and this is Estée’s journey so far.

As I put Bloom down Estée poses a final question. A question which I have been asking myself a lot recently.

“What has made you who you are today and where will life take you next?’

 This is something which I will be exploring in my next blog. Till then grab yourself a copy of Bloom and I assure you it will certainly provoke some thoughts.



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