PAW PAW To The Rescue.

Autumn is in full swing. The leaves are falling from the trees and of course the first thing anyone wants to talk about is how bloody cold it is and how horrible these dark nights are. Seriously, it happens every year, but here in the UK the art of small talk still hasn’t advanced beyond complaining about the weather.

I’m not here to talk about the weather though, even if it has helped me kill a good 90 words so far. This next product will help save your poor little noses when you’ve cosied up to the wrong person. It’s that time of year where you don’t want too get to close to someone because they my have the dreaded lurgy.

PapayaGold PAW PAW Moisturising Balm fixed my poor peely nose right up after being struck down by that dreaded lurgy thanks to @darryldoes. The constant blowing and rubbing of my nose caused the skin to become red raw and flake away.

Obviously I’m not looking great but I’m sure you can appreciate the before and after effect of PAW PAW.  The image on the right shows the use of PAW PAW after just two applications. The balm itself is like a water based wax and rich with Manuka Honey 20+. Less is definitely more with this balm as it comes out quite thick but once massaged into the skin it can cover a large area. I’ve also been using a small amount on chapped lips for an extra bit of moisture through these colder days. I originally got gifted this product when I had my jaw surgery earlier this year and found this product particularly helpful at soothing and moisturising my swollen face.

This product has restored my skin multiple times and done so in such a short amount of time. PAW PAW really is magic, an all round essential for someone who is prone to dry irritated skin.



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