Gig Review; James Vincent McMorrow

Venue: Albert Hall Manchester
Date: 11.10.16
Support: Wyvern Lingo

What a glorious venue the Albert Hall, Manchester is. Having never stepped foot inside this hidden gem, it quickly became one of my favourite venues to visit. The recently renovated Chapel, housed above the quirky German inspired beer palace Alberts Schloss, is a real treat for gig goers. I couldn’t think of a more fitting venue for James Vincent McMorrow to perform a medley of his beautiful tracks in.


Casually walking out onto the high stage James Vincent McMorrow and his wonderful band  assume there positions ready to play what was a stunning set. All in their rows fans sat and watched in adoration whilst McMorrow took our breath away with each heavenly track. We saw a different side to McMorrow thanks to the newer, more up tempo tracks from ‘We Move.’  Although the crowd watched with quiet content ‘Rising Water’s’ baseline certainly encouraged some to gyrate in their seats; as did the groovy beats of ‘Get Low’. Drawing the night to a close an old favourite from each album; ‘If I Had A Boat’ and ‘Cavalier’ served as a worthy encore. When he hit that high note at the end of ‘Cavalier’ I had goosebumps. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Earlier in the night McMorrow mentioned that the Albert Hall is haunted and that any spiritual possession shouldn’t be confused with how “baller” his music is. Every detail of the show was delightful from McMorrow’s remarkable vocals to the simple lighting arrangement which accompanied his music. If you get a chance to see James Vincent McMorrow don’t let it pass you by. His music really is beautifully “baller.”



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