marco_reus_fifa_17-1920x1080-1024x576Girls say goodbye to your boyfriends the new FIFA is here and yes they can’t live without it. Call me crazy or just in love but I stupidly bought the football simulator for my gaming addict boyfriend @darryldoes.

To be honest FIFA doesn’t bother me. I actually quite enjoy it when Darryl is assembling his Ultimate Team because that means I get to listen to a killer playlist whilst tinkering away on my Macbook.  EA Sports have always done a stellar job when it comes to curating a soundtrack to accompany their games and this year is no different. There is something for everyone, supporting artists across a multitude of genres. EA believe this is their best soundtrack yet and honestly couldn’t tell you if it is, however I rather enjoy it.

Some of my favourites include;

Declan McKenna, Isombard
DMA’s, Play It Out
Formation, Pleasure
Glass Animals, Youth
RAT BOY, Get Over It
Spring King, Who Are You?

“FIFA 17 represents globalized music as it’s never been done before”EA Sports

 I’ve lost him already. Follow @darryldoes for thoughts on gaming.


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