Venue: O2 Institute 2
Date: 26.09.16
Support: Jez Dior


On Monday I headed down to Digbeth for a gig and honestly I had no idea what to expect with it being my first Hip-Hop gig. Darryl is a massive fan of Watsky and this time it was his turn to  persuade me to go to this gig and it certainly was out of this world.

The gig was like no other, even the crowd were fully engaged with both supports and the hype man certainly kept me entertained.

Darryl promised me that I would not be disappointed and for that he was right. Before Watsky exploded onto the tiny Birmingham stage his drummer Chukwudi Hodge took to the stage with a medley of tracks and he even threw in some of his own. The crowd was buzzing shouting out for Watsky and he certainly didn’t mess around diving straight into his set bounding around the stage injecting the crowd with adrenaline. The room was lit.

For me an outsider I was completely fascinated by Watsky. His gig was more than a gig it was a  show, a performance where actions were exaggerated for a story was told. I much preferred his  spoken word tracks; the intense truths of the world we live in. The more over produced tracks for me didn’t translate very well live, the lead guitarist busting into a stadium rockesque guitar solo just didn’t make sense to me. Nevertheless the gig was incredible and Watsky is the best artist I have ever seen crowd surf whilst still performing faultlessly.

What I took from this gig is that you don’t need to know the lyrics, you just need to feel the rhythm and you’ll enjoy.



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