Easy & Effortless.

This always happens I hit a point in the year where everything comes at once. Gigs are popping up left right and centre and as we transition into Autumn my wardrobe crying out for an upgrade. I’m not a fashion blogger in any sense but today I actually quite liked my outfit so here goes nothing.



Hat – River Island
Shirt –  River Island Mens
Dress – New Look
Shoes – New Look.

Like I said I’m no Fashionista so I hope you weren’t expecting the latest pair of Culottes teamed with some killer Mules because thats just not me. In fact everything I’m wearing is about a year old, recycled from the best of Summer ’15 with some steals from @darryldoes.

I hate packing so there isn’t much thought put into what I sling in my bag as I shift between towns. To be honest  I’m surprised I’ve managed to pull off something that looks half decent for swanning round town grabbing coffee at the edgy Bear Coffee. It’s pretty basic, nothing special and thats what I love about it. A patterned halter neck dress with a slightly oversized plain shirt for comfort, partnered with the comfiest moccasins known to man and a fedora. Makes this look effortless just the way I like it.

So I guess I’m a fashion blogger now, kind of.




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