On Repeat August ’16

With summer and festival season coming to a close, I found myself searching for  new music more than usual. This month I have 17 incredible tracks to share with you, making it my biggest playlist to date.

Before Glass Animals dropped their sophomore LP ‘How To Be A Human Being’ they serve us with the slick sounds of ‘Youth’. Everything I loved about Glass Animals on ‘ZABA’ is still evident on this track but with lyrics telling more of a story. The delicious melodies and woozy vocals issues you a trip down memory lane getting lost in the hook making you think you really can “Fly.”

Last month James Vincent McMorrow released ‘Rising Water’ and now we have the sensational ‘Get Low.’  Earlier this month McMorrow tweeted   

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 13.14.46

It makes me sad to think that artists are making music they think people want to hear rather than making the music they want to create. McMorrow’s love of music stems from hip-hop, which is not evident in his previous work. Now he feels more comfortable with his music we get to see some of those hip-hop roots coming through and I for one love it. I have been obsessed with ‘Get Low’ I simply can’t get enough. It’s a beautiful track where you feel every pulsing beat, becoming hypnotised by the groovy hook and before you know it you’ve hit repeat.

And as we get ready to say farewell for to the summer these tracks will make it a little easier. Enjoy.


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