Double Jaw Surgery; 3 Months Post-Op

3 months post op calls for another Jaw update. Sorry not sorry.

Although my Double Jaw Surgery happened 3 months ago things are still changing and I think it’s important that people to know that they don’t suddenly get better 1 month post op. And no I’m not milking it, this has been a massive thing for me more mentally than physically and I will continue to document this process until I cross that finish line.

To think 3 months ago I was lying in a hospital bed; barely able speak, blood pouring from my nose and living the high life with a liquid diet, is crazy. After hitting another milestone I just wanted to do a quick update on how things have changed since my 1 month anniversary. This is a big deal.

Throughout the recovery not being able to eat the food I desired really got me down. One month on after surgery I was still only managing soft foods. As the weeks went on I craved food, longing to go out for a meal out, not having to worry what I could or couldn’t eat. Around the 2 months mark I attempted solid food again, It took me a while to finish my meal but it was a step in the right direction. 3 months on I’m eating pretty much whatever I want, avoiding only a few things:

– I can’t stand the texture of crisps, they make me feel like my teeth are about to shatter.
– Sandwiches and burgers are simply to big to fit in my mouth. The gap still isn’t big enough.
– As much as I love steak it’s still causes an achy jaw. Maybe next month.

My body was still tired from the anaesthetic along with working to recover from the trauma it has  just endured. I was constantly tired and simple tasks would exhaust me. This became frustrating because in my head I was perfectly able but my body just couldn’t cope. Just wanting to get back to normality I tried an Iron supplement to help with my lack of energy which didn’t actually make a difference. At long last, when my diet improved, my energy levels began to soar.

I returned to work a little before the 2 month mark. Going back gave me that normality. A phased return helped my build my confidence and stamina considering the last 2 months the most strenuous thing I did was walk around the block.

To celebrate 2 months post-op I went to my happy place, Latitude – a creative arts festival with a primary focus surrounding music. More about Latitude 2016 here. Going to Latitude was so important me, It’s the one thing a year I do that makes me truly happy. The weekend away fully rejuvenated me. The weekend built my confidence with eating, after having no choice but to deal with the options in front of me.


Shortly after Latitude it was time to visit my Orthodontist once again. It felt like forever since my last appointment and I just needed reassurance that everything was ok. He was happy with how things were progressing and just wanted to make some alterations with the elastics and the wire. I was not anticipating brace work on this visit. I couldn’t open my mouth very wide, which wasn’t ideal considering the amount of poking he had to do. He changed my wire to a more flexible one; this will allow my teeth to settle into their natural position over the next 8 weeks enabling my Orthodontist to see where he needs to tweak ready for my braces to come off.

When he pulled the wire through the brackets ugh; it was absolutely horrendous my teeth were already super sensitive. It was a sensation I could have done with out, it was so uncomfortable I was just willing the visit to be over. After all the jiggery pokery was done with, my Orthodontist handed me a packet of elastics; this time they were red. Not red in colour. The red elastic bands were a lot smaller compared to the ones I had previously used. They were a lot stronger, pulling my teeth together to perfect them. The elastics are to be worn for a minimum of 12 hours a day, removing them when I need to open and close my mouth. Oh yeah and still only sensation in my bottom lip and chin, starting to think this won’t come back.

So lets recap on the face:

1 Month.


Day 46.


Day 57

Day 72

3 Months. (93)

I haven’t exactly been jumping for joy at my appearance since my surgery. It has been such a hard thing to adjust to and I’m still trying to get my head around it. When people ask if I’m happy with the outcome I can’t reply with a simple yes or no because I’m still trying to figure out the answer. I’m 3 months post-op and the swelling hasn’t totally disappeared and when it does I’m not going to look the way I always envisioned I would.

I’ve spent the last 11years waiting for the surgery and I honestly didn’t think I would actually go through with it. My teeth look great. I’ve gone from a 12mm overbite to 0mm and it looks incredible. My gums are no longer bright pink from constantly being exposed to the elements and they are no longer first thing you notice when I smile. Mechanically speaking, my face is in great shape but I’m not going to be fully happy with the aesthetics of it all until the Genioplasty is done.


1 Month Post-op /  3 Months Post -op

Look out for my next update which will be around the 6 month mark, hopefully by then I’ll have a date for my Genioplasty. I just can’t wait to put this all behind me


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