The Maccabees Call It A Day

It’s a sad day for Maccabees fans as the band announce that they are no longer going to be making music. Don’t worry our favourite Indie band are choosing to end on a high after playing some of their biggest shows to date. But keep your eyes peeled they are arranging a farewell tour and I know I’m not missing a chance to see them for the last time. Cry

It was 2007 the first time I saw The Maccabees, I was finally old enough to go to a gig without my parents.Woohoo. I had no clue who The Maccabees were, all I knew was I could afford the £8 tickets and I quite liked their track ‘First Love.’  The gig was mental. All I see when I hear ‘X-RAY’  is the strobes from that night. Easily the best £8 I’ve ever spent.

The Maccabees were the first band I had sort ought myself, instantly falling in love with their music.  Growing out of girl bands, The Maccabees helped me expand my musical preferences, leading me to likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Maximo Park, opening my eyes to the world of indie rock.

I have followed the band ever since their gig at Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun Hall back in 2007. Watching them go from strength to strength, seeing each album better than the last. Their live shows never disappointed. Orlando is beyond humble to the point where he still can’t believe that this is happening. Felix is like a kid on Christmas eve who can’t wait to get the crowd going. Whilst the rest of the ‘bees play effortlessly, savouring every moment.

They have had an incredible career and to bring it to an end just as they seem to be hitting the high notes is both admirable yet sad. The Maccabees themselves have said they have hit ‘A creative peak’ and that they haven’t been writing music for some time, so instead of forcing a sub par record they have chosen to go out with grace.

I have always admired The Maccabees for the way they conduct themselves, they are genuinely grateful that they get to do the thing they love. If you have ever seen them live you will have witnessed first-hand Orlando near to tears at some point during the set. The thought of not catching The ‘bees at a festival or never hearing a new record is saddening. They are seriously under-rated band in my opinion and I will not be missing those farewell shows.

“If it’s over, Let it be over”  – Something Like Happiness

On this sad day I find myself listening to their albums, each one better than the last. These albums soundtracked the most important years of my life and they will continue to be a special part of my music collection.

Here are some of my favourite Maccabees tracks.

Let me know what your favourite track is.

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