On Repeat July’16

Another 31 odd days have passed, making it monthly round up time.

I hit a small problem last month and that problem was Jamie T with his incredible ‘Tinfoil Boy.’   How is this a problem? It was an issue because I simply did not know what month ‘Tinfoil Boy’  belonged to.That track was technically released in June, so its June’s playlist, right? However it was the last day of June meaning I enjoyed it more during July, so it should go in July’s list. To solve this dilemma I have decided a track must be released prior to the last week in that month, resulting in Jamie T’s ‘Tinfoil Boy’ featuring in this month.

Now that we have that sorted here are my picks of the month.

I just can’t get enough of RATBOY. His new track ‘Get Over It’ is easily RATBOY’S best work.  This cheery track is the definition of a happy-go-lucky summer, so embrace any sunshine and go crazy. Whats the worst that could happen?

It’s good to know Jamie T hasn’t gone back into hiding. This month I have been obsessed with the uncompromising ‘Tinfoil Boy’ that sees the elusive singer-songwriter return to form sooner than I expected. If you haven’t already snapped up a ticket for his ‘Trick’ tour then you must be a fool because who knows what Jamie T will do next? I’m certainly not going to miss it.

Blossoms not only excite me in everything they do, but their very entity is everything I love in a new band. These young Stockport lads are loving life whilst making music as if they’re seasoned professionals. ’My Favourite Room’ is just another distinction of how talented Blossoms actually are.

So here are my favourite tracks from the past month, let me know if I’ve missed something magical.


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