Double Jaw Surgery – 1 Month Post – Op

Today I am 1 Month post-op, wow.  It certainly hasn’t been easy but equally it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. People think the end is near but I’ve only just crossed the half way line. I see the light but still it’s so far away.

If you’ve been following my recovery you may have noticed my absence over the last two weeks. Today is the first big milestone since my op and the last two weeks didn’t show any major changes worthy of a post, so let me fill you in.

Since Week 2’s emotional breakdown things have gotten easier, it’s not a walk in the park but the brighter sider is definitely there, somewhere. Swelling has reduced. I can drink from a cup but dribbling still happens. Sigh. I no longer have to wear an elastic band but I still can’t feel my chin.

One of the hardest parts of this recovery is not being able to have the food you desire and food is my best friend. I am one of these people who can’t have the same thing twice in one week let alone one day. I’m sick of soup and don’t even talk to me about smoothies. I want flavour, texture and most of all I want to chew. Luckily my liquid diet is no more and now my diet can only be described as mush.

Here are some my mushy meals:

Vegetable Mozzarella Bake. Sri-Lankan Curry. Spaghetti & Meatballs.
Mash Potato & Tuna Mayo. Sunday Roast. Mushy Chocolate Biscuits.

*They may look vile, but they taste the same.

This is definitely a step up from slurping my meals and much closer to a normality. What’s so frustrating about a soft food diet is a lot of the food you think will be soft really isn’t. I thought I’d try over cooked spaghetti cut up into small pieces making it easier to eat, but I was wrong. The spaghetti entangled itself around my braces where I found myself trying to dislodge the food which puts a strain on my jaw resulting in a lot pain I could have avoided. You would think cake would be fine to chew but because I still can’t open my mouth very wide, it’s a faff to eat and once again gets stuck in my brace. I find myself avoiding food like this because I don’t enjoy it like I should.

I have been trying to get out and about a bit more, which has helped mentally but is physically draining. I’m still lacking that spring in my step and face feeling lightheaded and dizzy if I over-exert myself.

During Week 4 I revisited the hospital to check in with the Surgical team. First the Surgeon assessed  how the wounds were healing and I mentioned that some of the stitches, particularly on the top jaw, were causing me some discomfort. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do as the stitches are getting ready to ‘fall out’.  I saw the Orthodontist next who checked my bite to see if I needed to reposition the elastic band which was guiding my bottom jaw back across. He was so happy with the movement I no longer have to wear and elastic band. YAY.  However my blood clot still hasn’t reduced resulting in weekly visits to keep an eye on the clot and to ensure my bite doesn’t go askew again.

So lets see how much better my face looks.

Day 17.

Day 19.

Day 22.

Day 29.

Day 32.

Now you’ve seen the photos, I’ll tell you how I feel.

Honestly I still don’t like the way it looks, even though the swelling has subsided dramatically compared to my last post. However if you didn’t know me I probably don’t look as swollen as I feel. My face feels tight across my cheeks where most of the swelling still remains. Most of the feeling has returned to my face, the only place that is still completely numb is my bottom lip and chin. At my last hospital appointment the surgical team seemed pretty certain about doing the procedure on my chin, but thats not set in stone yet.

On a positive note I’m not taking as much pain relief and when I do it’s in the from of a tablet. Pain occurs first thing in a morning. Just after I’ve eaten which also causes sharp shooting pains in my ear. Something I need to ask about at my next appointment. If i’ve been talking for a long time. Yawning and if I angle my head in a certain positions that stretch the muscles. Owwwie. Sneezing is still scary as hell and it is happening more frequently. I don’t even have hay fever so whats that about. Recently  I find myself gasping for a breath as if there isn’t enough room in my mouth and something is obstructing the airway. Hopefully this is just something to get use to but something I will definitely be asking about at my next appointment.

I’ll update you guys in a couple weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to go to a festival.

Day 32 – Day 5

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