Double Jaw Surgery – Week 2

I am 2 weeks post-op, how did that happen? Each day has been different, some longer than others and still can’t believe it has actually happened. I decided to share recovery to help people understand what it’s like going through jaw surgery and in my previous blog Week 1 I didn’t reveal to much about my emotions. So as a disclaimer I just want to remind anyone reading this who is going through a similar thing that everyone heals in different ways.

Looking back, Week 1 seemed so much easier compared to this past week. It really has been rollercoaster of emotions. In Week 1 a routine was established and living vicariously through this  routine was mentally exhausting yet time consuming. This last week adjustments to the routine has meant I have more time to binge on Netflix yay, not quite. It is just more time in the confines of my room and it’s driving me insane. To stop me going completely stir-crazy, I tried to escape the house by venturing on a short walk. Although it was nice to get out the house it completely wiped me out; my body went cold and I felt sick. My body was completely exhausted, zapped of all its energy, resulting in me sleeping half the day away in recovery. Safe to say the walks have stopped for now, maybe next week.

When I left the care of the hospital I was told to return on 25th and a letter would be sent to me out with the details. The 23rd came and still no letter. I had so many worries and needed the reassurance. Why has my new bite already changed? What is the large hard lump on my lower jaw? Am I clear of infection? I just needed answers.

Mom called the hospital and arranged two appointments, one for the 23rd and the other for 27th. However upon arrival on the 23rd I was very disappointed, served with a 2 hour wait because the receptionist didn’t book my appointment again and they could only just squeeze me in.

My Oral Hygiene was spot on considering I’m brushing my teeth with a baby toothbrush and the stitches were settling nicely. The hard lump on my lower jaw is a result of a blood clot, which was caused because the lower right jaw break was much larger compared to the left. To help reduce the blood clot I must massage the lump and ice when I can but it does hurt a great deal. The specialist needed advice from my Orthodontist on where to position the elastics, which will help to pull the jaw back into its correct position. After surgery you have a small window to correct any movement in the jaw with elastics, hence why I was so worried. I am very grateful for the specialists for taking the time to see me, their positivity made all the difference.


*How I have to wear my elastics to help correct the bite.

My visit on the 27th was short and sweet. My Surgeon was beaming at the work he had done on my face and was certain I would need a Genioplasty. However the Genioplasty is up for discussion at the moment as my Orthodontist wants to wait for all the healing to be done before that decision is made. It was great to see how proud the team were of the work that has happened so far and they were able to explain what happened whilst I was on the table. My lower jaw had to come forward more than expected 8mm, a 1cm shift in total. After my appointment I was sent for an X-Ray of my profile and the nurse was anything but gentle, putting a downer on such a positive hospital visit.

It has been a really hard week mentally, where everything is starting to get to me. I’m thirsty, I need to drink but the 10ml syringe just isn’t quenching my thirst. I’m hungry and craving food and the last thing I want is another soup. I can’t cope with how my teeth feel when I walk, they keep bashing together, is that normal? It hurts to yawn, laugh, cry and basically show any emotion. I’m scared to sneeze incase I have a nosebleed like Niagara Falls or worse pop the plates which sit either side of my nostrils. My face constantly feels red raw as if someone has scrubbed it with sandpaper. I have no feeling in my bottom lip and chin yet they feel so exposed. It’s as if someone has pinned my bottom lip to my chin and no amount of Carmex or Vaseline can moisturise. If i’m not dribbling I’m sucking back all the excess salvia, the sound of which is truly repulsive. I have bruised eye sockets and the skin under my eyes is still swollen with no feeling. I can’t see past the swelling and I don’t see the difference in my profile. In my eyes I still don’t have a chin and catching a glimpse of my profile makes me feel physically sick. I hate the way I look and loved ones keep telling me to wait for the swelling to subside but at the moment I can’t say if it has been worth it or not.

*Blended Chicken Ramen.

Anyway, I’ll try to end on a positive – I’ve lost over a stone!

In all sincerity though, I would like to thank all my friends who have come to visit me this past week. Your visits have meant the world to me, providing some normality – there is a world beyond these four walls. I am so lucky to have so many people to pick me up when I feel I have fallen so far.

This week I haven’t taken a photo everyday, my afternoon naps stole the daylight but here are a few photos of this weeks progression. This week I am going to try and eat some soft foods. I have already mastered mash and blended sausage. How long until mash becomes the new soup though?

Day 8


Day 9

Day 10

Day 11


Day 13

*Yes I am aware I look half dead in these images.


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