Life did more than ‘Come at me Bro’ last week, which resulted in Blog Everyday In May to make an abrupt hiatus. I’m hoping to pick this back up for the remainder of the month but I do go in for Jaw Surgery on Monday so we shall have to see how that goes.

Last week Darryl and I traveled to Dublin for a little getaway before my operation, a place to escape the pains of everyday life. That and I needed some fun before what is going to be the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life so far, so an escape to Dublin was the perfect plan. It was all so last minute that we had no idea what we were going to do whilst visiting Ireland. It couldn’t have been more spontaneous.


It was bank holiday Monday when we arrived and Temple Bar was buzzing. The sun was beaming.  The streets were bursting with energy along with the sweet sounds from a near by busker. We spent the majority of our time drifting in and out bars as we wandered around the city.

As it was our first trip to Dublin we visited St James Gate to the famous Guinness Storehouse, where we had the perfect pint of ‘The Black Stuff’. The tour itself is a bit dry unless your a total hop head. Of course there are the little gimmicks, like pull your own pint but for me the 360 views at the top was more than enough even if it was a bit pricey.


The Vintage Cocktail Club is a well camouflaged bar with well worn metal door and the simple lettering ‘VCC’ on the door, which could easily be missed but it’s a real treat. You must first ring a doorbell before entering and then you are escorted to table for an exclusive drinking experience. A romantically soft lit room filled with 1940’s decor and a Cocktail menu to complement, enlisting the history behind your favourite drinks. Beautifully presented drinks in a relaxing environment truly take you away from the mundane.


It’s no secret that I love Seafood and Klaw was just the cutest little eatery. Only a small seating but everything can be made to-go and it was easily the best place we ate over the weekend. Darryl had a Lobster Roll which I instantly wanted and I had Smoked Salmon garnished with Red Onion and served with toasted Baguette. Everything on the menu looked fabulous and I wanted to try it all. If you love Seafood and are considering going to Dublin soon hit this place up because its fabulously fresh.


I love how every good bar has live music and at night things got even better as crowds of people join in with merriment. Dublin is oozes good time vibes and everyone is so friendly. If you haven’t yet visited Dublin be spontaneous and get gone!

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