02 – 05; I Hate Packing 

More specifically packing to go somewhere even if it’s just for one night. Packing to come home is the only exception because you just throw it all in the case and hope it fits. Easy.

The very thought of packing stresses me out, I will do anything avoid this tedious chore. On average it can take me up to 3 hours to pack simply because I procrastinate far to much. I’m doing it right now. Instead of packing I’m writing this post about how much packing aggravates me. Productive right?

First things first, I start of by checking the weather because the last thing I want is to arrive with the wrong kind of layers. I’m only going to Dublin for a few days, so in theory packing shouldn’t be that hard, especially when the weather is pretty the same as it is here in Staffordshire.

Packing is an art so by starting small I begin by collate my underwear ready to go in the case. The first packing victory results in a 20 minute break to catch up on Cuckoo with a good cup of tea.

Now for the hard part, outfit building. Ok so it isn’t actually that hard; pair of Jeans, 3 T- Shirts and a Dress for good measure, done. No, not done. If it was that easy I wouldn’t be writing this blog on how packing completely annoys me. What if I’m having a fat day and the clothes I’ve bought make me feel uncomfortable all day. I don’t want to ruin the trip feeling like a porky pig for the afternoon.

Another hour passes after assembling four possible outfits with interchangeable tops, to keep porky pig at bay. Now just for a pair of shoes that go with everything and a jacket and finally I’m packed.
How do you find packing? Please share your packing tips so next time I can find it less stressful.


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