Best Albums So Far. 2016

Lets just take a moment to figure out where on the hell 2016 is going, talk about flying by.

As we move into May I’m going to be reflecting on some my favourite music releases so far this year. In terms of albums there hasn’t been many albums that have left a lasting impression on me. So lets just rewind back to;


Firstly an honourable mention goes to the iconic David Bowie for his final swan song,Blackstar’, which also sadly marked Bowie’s death just 2 days after its release.

The following week saw Daughter pick up from they left off returning with a more self assured presence with ‘Not To Disappear’. This album makes you feel things, a beautiful melancholy soundscape perfect for wandering thoughts.

A triumphant return for Indie rockers Mystery Jet’s as ‘Curve of the Earth’ puts them back on the map after a four year hiatus. ‘Bubblegum’ is a transcendent sing-along indie anthem.



The highly anticipated debut album ‘Phase’ from Jack Garratt ticks all the boxes and is as likeable as cup of tea- think Ed Sheeran with actual talent. He gained the critics choice award and is assured to deliver an incredible live set.

Australian newcomers DMA’s present their debutHills End’  with strong dose brit pop, something I know I’ve been missing. So if you’ve been lusting for a band to be the present day Oasis look no further.


I’ve been waiting for psley’s debut; ‘Long Way Home’ forever and it did not disappoint. Her beautiful vocals and skilful production makes this LP a delight to listen to. She delves in to contemporary RNB to vary her fanbase but my love lies in the simple beauty of ‘Cliff’.


The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is easily one of the best releases so far this year. With some of Alex Turner’s best lyrics to date and Miles Kane’s delicious melodies this album exudes the pair’s mastery of their craft. An album I simply can’t stop listening to. 



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