All About Essie.


Usually I wouldn’t choose to paint my nails, with it being such a massive effort. It’s the mundane process of filing the nails down. I simply can not stand it, it drives me mad trying perfect a curved nail and before I know it I’m hitting skin. Not good, but these beautiful Essie shades tempted me to change my ways. Before I get carried away by buying half the Essie catalogue I invested in some key shades perfect for spring.

‘Eternal Optimist’ is a delicate rose shade the perfect nude as we transition into spring. The shade ‘Master Plan’ is a soft grey, an excellent alternative to a typical nude giving your nails an extra edge. Finally, what I’ve been wearing on my nails recently is the brighter shade ‘Turquoise & Caicos’,  this lively green captures the true essence of the season.

Essie’s shade range is incredible, not only does this product apply like a dream it last forever on the nails without chipping. The little brush is the perfect size and doesn’t separate with that awkward one bristle painting its own little patch. Filing my nails doesn’t seem such a chore now with this flawless product and the shade names are just adorable.

Maybe now I can invest in a bigger nail wardrobe.


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