GIG REVIEW: The Last Shadow Puppets

Venue: Sheffield City Hall
Date: 03.04.16
Support: YAK

Since the tickets went on sale back in January, all I’ve been thinking about is how on Earth is this going to work in an entirely seated venue? I just could not wrap my head around the idea that Alex Turner and Miles Kane were about to perform to 2,271 seated people. Luckily that wasn’t the case.

The hall darkened as the dynamic duo took the stage to the eerie strings of ‘Black Plant’ and everyone jumped to their feet eagerly awaiting the return of The Last Shadow Puppets. Seats aren’t going to stop the people of Sheffield from having a good time. Diving straight into Aviationquickly followed by old favourite‘The Age Of The Understatement’, the boys were in full form working the crowd into a frenzy right from the very start.

With very little talking Kane and Turner play through some of their best material yet, with neither of them taking centre stage, the two of them standing at equal parallels even though Turner’s hips had all the attention.‘The Dream Synopsis’ saw Turner take the mic from the stand, gliding across the stage and seducing the crowd with this hypnotic track.

Kane’s defining moment, other than picking an excellent spotted shirt, was during the explosive ‘Bad Habits.’ Pulsating strobe lights gave you that itch to go a bit crazy but in the confines of the seated row that wasn’t possible even if it was equally invigorating to watch.

Everyone knows about Kane and Turner’s endearing bromance and in Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ we saw it all; mics in hands as they circled the stage serenading each other like no-one was watching them. The stage went to dark and the Puppets faded into the Shadows, ready to return with their triumphant encore by covering a Beatles classic ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ followed by the dreamy ‘Miracle Aligner’  and finally ending where it all started with ‘Standing Next To Me’.

The house lights came up and the crew had jumped on stage to take the kit was apart. I could not believe it was over. I wanted more. After looking at the set though there wasn’t much more The Last Shadow Puppets could have done unless they whipped out some Arctic Monkey’s tracks but that wouldn’t be the same. This small inmate gig, (if you can call 2,000 people intimate) was magic and I want to do it all over again. Seriously, I’m so close to buying tickets for Bournemouth in July.

Seeing Alex Turner at his best with his partner in crime Miles Kane, is just a completely different kind of wow.



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