Cocktails for Everyone

I love to use my birthday as an excuse to get all my friends from near and far together and turning 24 was no exception. This year I wanted to do something a bit different from the usual drinks and food in Birmingham, so for this year’s celebration I planned a cocktail masterclass at The Victoria, Birmingham. The class was £25 per person and lasted two hours which soon flew by.

On arrival we all had a cocktail while our host Luke explained how the class worked, along with his bold claim “I’m going to show you how to make some cocktails and by the end of the class you wont be able to walk down the stairs”. 


Luke showed us how to make a cocktail, then in pairs we made the drinks ourselves whilst our friends heckled us. We made three drinks in total with each drink more elaborate than the last; Cosmopolitan, Amaretto Sour and Mojito. It’s safe to say we were still able to walk down the stairs at the end of these drinks so Luke, being a good sport that he was, threw in some extras. Tequila, no birthday is complete with out a Tequila shot, and to my surprise some of my friends had never had Tequila shots before. They were offered immediately and downed just as quick. Luke also showed us how to master layers with a super strong rum-based shot with a sweet ending, that he made up on the spot.

The cocktail class was good fun, the perfect chance to catch up with friends and to make our own drinks rather than watching in awe at the bar staff making them. I would recommend anyone to go The Victoria, the cocktail parlour was quirky with illustrations on the wall with and music playing in the background setting an enjoyable environment. The Victoria is part of the Bitter & Twisted family so maybe next year I will try their sister bar Jekyll and Hyde who specialise in Gin, or even Bodega Cantina who are largely into Tequila and Rum.

For only  £25 we got an absolute steal I would definitely do it again. You definitely should to.


3 thoughts on “Cocktails for Everyone

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