International Women’s Day

In spirit of International Women’s Day, I’m going to share some of my favourite contemporary female musicians. In no particular order.

Florence and the Machine;
Florence Welch.


She’s completely captivating and goes bare footed on stage. I could watch her all night long. Florence’s sets are faultless and each album is better than the last and lets face it who doesn’t love  her uplifting anthems.


Alana, Danielle & Este Haim.

Nothing says girl power more than sisters banding together to shake up the rock n’ roll world. These girls are true to who they are doing what they love with a carefree attitude.


Holly Fletcher


This young ladies talent is incredible not only does she write all her own stuff but she produces it too. Her debut album; “Long Way Home” dropped last week and I haven’t stopped listening to it, ‘Cliff’  in-particularly is stunning.


Lucy Rose;
Lucy Rose Parton


The humbling Lucy Rose still doesn’t quite believe that people choose to listen to her music in spite of her talent. However if you do go see her live she will jam pack a set with as many tracks as possible, she really loves what she does and thanks the crowd at every opportunity. What a stand up girl.

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