GIG REVIEW: Blossoms

Venue: Coventry Kasbah
Date: 04.03.16
Supports: Viola Beach* & The Vryll Society.
*Recorded Set

Having seen Blossoms before I knew I was in for a treat but Friday night was something else, it was magic.

The night started in honour of Viola Beach who sadly couldn’t physically share the stage but instead a recorded set played in tribute to the bands talent. It was incredible to see the venue darken; the crowd compact to turn to face the stage as if they were standing before us. The empty stage received plenty of love as the crowd sang and danced through Viola Beach’s set celebrating the bands talent. A massive hats of to Blossoms for commemorating the band in such a memorable way, a talent which will be greatly missed.

It’s very rare that you leave a gig loving the unknown support act, but The Vryll Society had me hooked from their first few bars, playing a mesmerising set taking your mind and soul on a magnetising trip. If Noel Gallagher had a baby with Tame Impala this would be their love child.

With a let’s get this party started attitude Blossoms dove right into ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’  followed by the latest single ‘At Most A Kiss’  hardly leaving you time to catch your breath. Blossoms exude confidence with Tom Odgen’s playful back and forth, introducing band mates in-between changes, you forget that the band haven’t been in the game all that long. With a mid set appearance of ‘Charlemagne’ the crowd go crazy leading you to think what could they possible finish with? Well that would be their inspired Live Lounge cover of WSTRN’S ‘In2’ and sing-along anthem ‘Blow’. The ultimate combination for those Friday night vibes.

Seeing them perform, it is quite clear that Blossoms are on the verge of blowing up. Following the success from their most recent E.P ‘At Most A Kiss’ we can hopefully expect an album very soon and boy is it going to be good. The Stockport lads already have so many solid tracks; ‘Charlemagne’, ‘Blow’, and ‘Across the Moor’ to name just a few, so when the debut album drops it is going to be incredible.

If you haven’t managed to catch Blossoms live you should, their sets are electric, and don’t be fooled by these newcomers, they are easily one of the best live acts out there currently.




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