NEW: Blossoms – At Most A Kiss.

Finally Blossoms have whipped up another EP to curb those cravings for their hugely anticipated debut album, but honestly after ‘Fourteen’ I’m left feeling hungrier than ever. Don’t get me wrong the E.P is good but lets face it, it’s no ‘Charlemagne’.

‘At Most A Kiss’ is unforgettable – it shows Blossoms at their strongest, a solid anthem which will be with them for the rest of their career. The melody embeds itself not only in your mind but in your bones too. I challenge you to resist its power to make you move.

Still going strong we dip into something a little bit more funky with the cool vibes of ‘Fourteen’. The beat is led with tantalising synths, setting you into a groovy daze ready for Ogden’s crooning that he is “still waiting here”.

Now things take a turn and not for the best. This is where Blossoms need to keep their promise from the previous track and find that special something to make ‘Wretched Fate’ less forgettable.  This track has a warm light hearted sound to it but is obviously lacking. It makes perfect background music but isn’t epic enough to be a solid track.

And finally ‘Misery’ which has a big cinematic sound, enough to soundtrack the sorrowed scenes in a romantic comedy. Other than that ‘Misery’ just leaves me feeling miserable and wanting more tracks like ‘At Most A Kiss’ and ‘Charlemagne’.

So where did it all go wrong?

Did they start of too strong with ‘At Most A Kiss’?
Get too funky with ‘Fourteen’?
Too warm and fuzzy with ‘Wretched Fate’?
Or simply too rom com with ‘Misery’?

Maybe its a combination of the four but I wasn’t left wanting to hit repeat, let’s hope that the debut LP isn’t filled with more ‘Misery’.


One thought on “NEW: Blossoms – At Most A Kiss.

  1. I just listened to ‘At Most A Kiss’ on iTunes and had no idea this was them. I thought it was a cover at first haha! Has it been included in a movie soundtrack or something?

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