My ‘Sugar Daddy – O’



My hair is indeed of a serious a pick me up, one preferably without a £70 price tag. The blonde was lifeless, virtually none existent and it needed saving. After hearing that purple shampoo could potentially save me a hefty bill at the salon I thought it must be worth a go. I finally settled on LUSH’s ‘Daddy O’ which seemed to be a hot favourite in the blogging world. So lets see what all the hype is about.

I can’t believe I haven’t already tried ‘Daddy – O’, I’m Obsessed. At first I was skeptical but this stuff really does work. It’s really simple to use; just massage this sweet smelling shampoo into your hair and leave in for no more than 3 minutes before rinsing. ‘Daddy – O’ not only revives your blonde but it also leaves your hair super shiny with the long-lasting smell of Parma Violets. A fragrance so irresistible I find myself smelling my hair all day long.

I always follow with LUSH’s hard conditioner ‘Sugar Daddy – O’ to keep my hair feeling lovely and soft. The hard conditioner is essentially like a bar of soap but for your hair. I find it works best whilst rubbing the bar in my hands until the conditioning oils become a liquid and then I like to take the bar and massage it just on the very ends of my hair to prevent them looking dry.

Now I’ve got my blonde looking just the way I like it I only use ‘Daddy – O’  once a week just to keep those brassy tones at bay.

LUSH you’ve save me a £70 bill, for a mere £11.70

I’m quickly becoming a LUSH addict.


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