Viola Beach

At the beginning of the year I listed five acts who I thought were going to be massive in 2016, one of which were Warrington based band Viola Beach. 

They had accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. This year they would have played numerous festivals; along with supporting Blossoms on tour. It’s an absolute tragedy that Viola Beach’s career has ended so abruptly.

After hearing the tragic news over the weekend, that the entirety of Viola Beach and band manager Craig Tarry had been killed in a car accident, I was lost for words. It was only a couple months ago I had discovered the talented four piece and was desperately awaiting to see them live.

It’s absolutely devastating. These boys were on the cusp of success and this year would have been theirs. Such an incredible talent will be greatly missed.

As a tribute you can download their single ‘Swings & Waterslides’  where all the proceeds will go to the families of the band and manager. Lets remember them for what they were great at, making  incredible music for those perfect sunny days, oozing fun with that infectious beat that would only make you smile.

Rest In Peace,
Viola Beach and Craig Tarry.


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