Monday Motivation or lack of.

This year I have set myself goals to give my life more purpose, one of which is to blog more frequently. So far I have managed four weeks, soon to be five, of consistently posting content. But recently I’ve been feeling the pressures of ‘Monday Motivation’.

After a weekend at work, all I want to do is crawl into bed on a Sunday night and not surface until late Monday afternoon; just enough to recover from a raw weekend in retail. But my body has other plans, it’s programmed to a different beat, one I can’t seem to change. It’s 9am, I’m awake and today I need to write a blog – but what to write?

It’s time to drag my sorry self out of bed, make a brew and spend the next 40mins watching One Tree Hill in an attempt to formulate a plan for the coming day. However this always leads to wallowing in self pity with a midday trip to the local coffee shop, where I seek enjoyment through hot comforting beverages and a good sugar filled cake. Today has been no different, as I had the King of hot chocolates with a millionaire shortbread, laced with salted caramel. The Ultimate Monday Motivator. So let’s get to it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 21.12.43.png

My past four Monday’s have all been blogs about new music but this week I don’t have anything to say and for good reason.

Back in October @darryldoes and myself had a little competition to see who could predict the most acts for the Mercury Prize 2015. The person with the least predictions had to buy one of the shortlisted acts LP on vinyl. Last week we finally got around to selecting a vinyl where loser, @darryldoes purchased ‘Jamie XX – In Colour.’ So maybe that’s why I can’t write about any new music because I’ve rediscovered the epic debut that is, In Colour.

So if you haven’t heard it yet where have you been?


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