Lush Lip Care.

I’ve never really shopped in Lush before, mainly because the smell of their shops is enough to give me a nosebleed. But in all seriousness I was just simply overwhelmed by all of their products, where on earth do you start?

I went into Lush one day after work in the hope that they would have product that would rescue my lips.

I’ve started to wear lipstick more now, so any imperfections on the lips are more noticeable with a matte lip. With the cold weather at the moment, my lips are not only suffering from lack of moisture but something a little bit more disgusting. Heads up TMI disclaimer. My lips were vile, no matter how much I kept them moisturised they would become congealed with dead skin. This is certainly not a good look when your wearing a matte lipstick.

Luckily the guys at Lush were super helpful and knew exactly what products would solve my problem. An awesome twosome – a lip scrub paired with the matching lip balm.


The scrub is my saviour and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s so simple to use and it tastes amazing. All you have to do is dunk your finger in the pot, scrub away the dead skin and all thats left to do is lick the sweet sugar from your lips, then follow up with a Lush lip balm of your choice. It really is brilliant I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it. My lips are no longer encrusted with dead skin but now feel extra soft. You can get the lip scrub in 4 flavours; Popcorn, Bubblegum, Mint Julips and a seasonal flavour, which at the moment is The Kiss for Valentines day. I went for Popcorn at £5.50 and you just can’t go wrong. This is part of my morning regime I cannot do without it.

It’s just a shame I wasn’t so hot on the lip balm. Although this little pot smelt like passion fruit heaven, the balm itself it felt way to oily making my lips appear dangerously greasy. I hate how it felt on my lips and I find my self licking it off just to get rid of the balm. At £7.75 I was left feeling disappointed but not to worry, I’ll just go back to my old favourite Burt’s Bee’s, he looks after my lips and at a better price too!


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