NEW: The 1975 – The Sound

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Remember when The 1975 wrote this letter to their fans? That same letter that broke twitter because their fans thought they were breaking up. This letter right here which implies they are letting go of there pop roots to find a new identity? So just bare this in mind when listening to the new track ‘The Sound.’ 

POP. It’s POP.

It makes their letters seem a bit over the top, yet excellent publicity but a tad pretentious especially when they release such a massive POP banger. So what do you think?

It’s annoyingly infectious and with out a doubt will become a favoured track amongst The 1975 fans. This tune, sounds like it belongs on their previous album, I’m guessing the soul searching wasn’t very successful.

It oozes fun with that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. A chanting chorus which will give you the most distressing ear worm you’ve ever had. “Well I know when you’re around cause I know the sound I know the sound, of your heart”  Worst ear worm ever, but at least it will make you dance! However I’ve got to give Matt Healy some credit; for 16 seconds of the 4 minute song his vocals are pretty on point when he sings – “You’re so conceited I said ‘I love you’ What does it matter if I lie to you?” 

It’s catchy as hell, the perfect pop song but I was looking forward to the re invention of The 1975.

‘The Sound’ it is called but doesn’t deliver anything new. Maybe on album 3?

4 thoughts on “NEW: The 1975 – The Sound

  1. I agree that it sounds very similar to their first album, which seems odd given that they went to so much effort to suggest an evolution of their music, the song however is enjoyable though I can’t see it doing as well in the charts as it is missing that something special that Chocolate and Girls had.

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