November Haul – BEAUTY


It’s a month until Christmas and I probably should have been saving rather than spending, but it’s been one of those months where a treat is required so why not! I’ve had to make a few purchases which were essential and others that just fell into my basket.

The Essentials: My trusty BareMineralsReady Foundation’ (R210) has crumbled into a fine powder, coating the entirety of my bag. This is not ideal, so the only logical thing to do was repurchase. I just love BareMinerals! Their foundation saves my complexion on a day-to-day basis. The ‘Ready Foundation’ comes in this tiny, slim-line compact which is super handy for on the move touch ups! It gives a flawless complexion whilst still looking natural. Not bad for a Black Friday bargain.

I have a love hate relationship with eyebrows. I thought the BareMineralsFrame and Define  Brow Styler’ was the one for me, that was until I found Urban Decay’sBrow Beater.’  You actually get 0.4g less product with the ‘Brow Beater’ but besides that Urban Decay trumps BareMinerals. You can get more of a natural looking brow with Urban Decay because you can get a more accurate colour-match with their larger shade range. I use ‘Warm brown’ and it works a treat.

So they were the two items I needed. Then I broke the bank…

I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on a liquid eyeliner because 9 times out of 10 it will dry out faster than anticipated. They say impulse buys are the best and my urge to try L’Oréal’s ‘Super Liner – Perfect Slim’ didn’t disappoint. The nib is to a precise point, enabling you to get close enough to the lash line to give you an accurate liner. What impressed me the most about this product was the pigment of the liner and how easy it was to apply. It simply glides on leaving a deposit of black ink across the lid, perfect. My only worry is the lid doesn’t feel secure which could result in it drying out, but for £6.99 its not going to break the bank.

I always thought eye shadow primers were a bit of a gimmick, but I bought one anyway. I didn’t know where to start and since most of my eye shadows come from Urban Decay I thought they would be a safe bet. So I indulged in the ‘Eye Primer Potion, in Minor Sin’ and I can promise you they are not a gimmick! This champagne coloured primer gives your shadow that extra pop to make it stand out, along with aiding its longevity. The £16 price tag may seem a little steep but it is definitely worth it for a more defining eye.

So there we have it, my November haul! What have you been spending your money on this month?



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