November’s BIRCHBOX.

Subscription services have been around for a while now, saving you money on your favourite magazines over an extended period of time. As most magazines are readily available online, a free sample of Nails INC is simply not enough to entice you to buy GLAMOUR for £2.00. This brings me to BIRCHBOX.

BIRCHBOX is every beauty addicts dream. Every month you get beautifully designed box filled with themed products. For Novembers box they have teamed up with SKINNY DIP to bring you ‘Squad Goals.’ An inspirational box of products for you and your friends to love and rave about. So lets have a look in this months box.


I was eager to try Lord & Berry’s lip liner in ‘Silhouette’ but what a disappointment. This lip liner is perfect for those who don’t have a steady hand to outline your lips as the pigment is transparent. Virtually none existent. From a lip liner I expect it to enhance and define my lip shape as well as aiding the longevity of my lip colour. Although the Lord & Berry liner appears to help aid a long lasting lip colour it lacks in definition. The very essence of this product is the very reason why I don’t like it.


Mascara, you win some you lose some. So Susan’s ‘Featherlash Mascara’ prides itself on making your lashes look fuller and thicker in just one stroke. A more dramatic eye can be accomplished with a few extra coats, giving you the ultimate wow factor. However, after applying several coats I found the mascara looks more clumpy rather than feathered. I would choose to use this as an everyday mascara; it creates a natural eye as it separates and lifts the lashes for an effortless day to day look.

Another effortless product in this months box is Absolution’s ‘La Crème de Teint.’ It’s super easy to use and smells simply divine. Trident Tropical chewing gum to be specific. A small amount goes a long way, just a few drops will cover your entire face giving you the perfect complexion. Ideal for lazy days where minimal amount of effort is required.


Our faces are constantly exposed to the elements and during the colder months you can hear your skin crying out for help, lusting for moisture. Delarom’s ‘Creme Acquaconfort’s’ is here to save the day! The oils in this cream moisturise your skin, preventing dehydration alongside Vitamin E which helps protect your skin from environmental pollution. However, the fragrance of the cream is too much for me to handle on my face.


Now we can’t have the rest of our skin drying out and Beauty Protector’s; ‘Beauty Cream Body Lotion’ not only nourishes but smells amazing. You can use this as a hand cream or an all over body cream, it really is up to you. The scent is long lasting, leaves your skin feeling super soft and for £8.00 it is definitely worth a go.
The Thumbs Up’s ‘Rosa Nail Wraps’ are a big fat thumbs down from me. These are ideal if your about 7 years old but for me this sellotape sticker does not warrant the £6.99 price tag. You simply select your size and peel off the cover; lift tab and smooth over the nail. Finally, file off the excess and ta-dah beautiful easy nails. But nothing good, is ever easy! The wraps fell off the nails and the excess sticker needed a good trim not a file and the pattern itself isn’t even visible. For the hassle this product causes, I wouldn’t even entertain it.

Four out of the six products in this months box are definitely worth a look. If Absolution’s ‘La Crème de Teint’ wasn’t so expensive I would be purchasing it right now. An excellent box to start on  can’t wait to see what next month brings.


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