Lucy Rose – LIVE @ The Sugarmill

Band: Lucy Rose.
Venue: The Sugarmill
Date: 17th November 2015.

Normally I would stay local and attend gigs in Birmingham or Wolverhampton but for the second leg of the UK tour Lucy wasn’t making stops at either. The next available gig was at The Sugarmill in Hanley (Stoke-On-Trent) where Lucy Rose was equally surprised with the amount of fans she has in Hanley.

What do you expect from seeing a singer song writer live?

A room full of people, in awe of the beautiful gentle sounds, enough to make your heart melt, giving you goosebumps. Lucy Rose does this and so much more. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing her before you will know she just loves to play, hence why her sets are usually 19 long.

The venue was packed out yet Rose is so humble she didn’t quite believe she even had any fans in Stoke.

Tuesday’s gig began with, RNB infused ‘Cover Up’ to inspire the crowd to loosen up and have a dance, but instead they watched in admiration. It wasn’t until the uplifting ‘Like An Arrow’ where people felt like they could sing a long with Rose and the smile on her face was so sweet.

The Sugarmill has two small intriguing platforms and Rose saw this as an opportunity for band member to battle it out for “coolest” jump during ‘Köln.’ However Rose was so interested in the jump during the drop that when she continued to sing she ended up head butting the mic. Comedy gold. ‘Bikes’ is where The Sugarmill crowd showed their worth by  chanting “Listen up, listen hear everybody scream out loud” whilst echoing the scream which followed.

This Lucy Rose gig just had everything. Inmate moments where she shared stories; like how ‘For You’ is the bridge between the two albums, an exploration of new sounds. Her humbling smile from seeing people enjoying her gig. A goosebumps inducing moment during the beautiful rendition of ‘Into the Wild,’ where the room fell silent in admiration. And not forgetting the comedy, when Rose and band attempt to perform a cool stunt which in turn becomes a tale for the tour diary.

She’s humble, pure and everything about Lucy Rose is beautiful.
Rose is so thankful to be able to play music but honestly, we are thankful to have her play for us.

Set List:

Cover Up
Till The End
She’ll Move
For You
Like an Arrow
My Life
Middle of the Bed

Our Eyes

Into the Wild
Work It Out
Red Face


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