October Playlist ’15

Here are some of my favourite releases from this month with the exception of ‘Hotline Bling’ but Drake’s ridiculous dance moves  were enough to make this video a viral phenomenon during October. It would have been rude not to.

However my most played tracks from this list are;

Nao – ‘Bad Blood

Everything about this track is brilliant and yet its something I wouldn’t typically listen to. Beautiful soulful vocals ease you under her spell before she truly reveals her magic. This track is like an addiction, you just can’t help but play it on a continuous loop until you to are harmonising alongside Nao like a pro.

Blossoms – ‘Charlemagne’

‘Charlemagne’ has it all; by a clear mile it’s their best single to date. The playful psychedelic synth beats will have such a hold on you that you won’t be able to resist it’s charm, whether it be mimicking the lyrics or two stepping to its idiosyncratic beat, this track is so full of life you will struggle to banish it’s melody from your mind.

What tracks did you have on repeat during October?


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