Top 10 Tracks of All time.

For a bit of fun I have decided to pick my top 10 tracks of all time. Little did I know how hard this task would be. Where do you possibly start? This is something which can not be done on little thought. So here it is, counting down.

#10 Reef – ‘Place Your Hands’. It was my profile song on myspace and my friends associated this happy go luck track with me. The amount of phone calls I used to get from my friends at 2 in the morning because this was playing in the club was unreal. I guess you could call this my jam.

#9 Foo Fighters – ‘All My Life.’
No camping trip was complete unless Dave and the band soundtracked our journey. Along with the memory of me and my friend Sophie curating a ridiculous dance, for the bants.

#8 The Strokes – Last Nite.’
Every school had a band who idolised The Strokes playing this track whenever they could. Its an absolute banger and it sure got people dancing at Blast Off (Now closed nightclub in Wolverhampton.)

#7 Florence + The Machine – ‘Shake It Out’
What list wouldn’t be complete without a tale of heartbreak. Friends were shocked when I still wanted to go to Florence’s gig considering I was dumped a few hours before. It wasn’t until a couple weeks after where this track basically inspired me to get my shit together.

#6 Bon Iver – ‘Blood Bank’
I take great comfort in this track and i’m not exactly sure why. It has always resonated with me and  I never tire from listening to this beauty. It often lulls me to sleep when i’m restless or uneasy.

#5 Peace – ‘Bloodshake.’
It was Peace who ignited my love of music again and fascination to find new talents. A bit of a hipster if you will. I thrived from finding new artists by blogging, tweeting or just even talking about them. It gave me such happiness just spreading the word on these new artists. Bloodshake never gets old even if it has been over played a bit but it still makes me want to dance!

#4 Kings Of Leon – On Call’
People are always going to be there for you even if they can’t be by your side in that moment they will find away to comfort you in the best way they can. When going through hard times ‘On Call’ can have similar effect or remind you that somebody will always be there for you, just like you’re  there for them.

#3 Arctic Monkeys – ‘Fireside.’
Although this track is typically about the end of the relationship for me this track aided the start of one. Sending the time code which revealed the lyrics “I just cannot manage to make it through the day without thinking of you lately”  was enough of a cipher to put my heart on the line but protect it with a mutual love of the track.

#2 The Maccabees – ‘First Love’
My parents finally allowed me to go to a gig on my own and after hearing one track from The Maccabees it was enough of an excuse to invest £8 in a ticket. It still is now one of the best gigs I’ve been to and I’ve seen them many times since. They have rapidly become my favourite band all because of this one track and an eagerness to go gigs with my friends. This is not my favourite Maccabees track but it is the one which put them on my radar.

#1 Foals – ‘Spanish Sahara.’
Magic. Live it gives me goosebumps, any other time I’m over come with emotion. It’s just magic. This track symbolises the triumph of many things: finishing my degree when at one point I was going to quit but instead I gained a love for the subject I began to hate. The constant support from my friends and family who helped me to achieve this. Every time I hear this track I’m reminded that I can do anything because I have already done what I thought was the impossible.

Thats my top 10 tracks of all time.
What are yours?


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