Mercury Prize

Since 1992 the best British music has been celebrated through the carefully curated Mercury Prize shortlist, where 12 albums are awarded ‘Album of the Year’

On Friday 16th October, Lauren Lavern will be announcing 2015’s Mercury Prize shortlist. For the last couple of years now I have predicted the albums I think deserve a spot on the shortlist and this year will be no different.

Ahead of next week’s announcement myself and Darryl (over on Attempted Actuality) are going to be predicting the shortlist, but who will be successful at naming the most albums?

There are certain guidelines to follow when predicting the shortlist. The albums up for potential nomination must have been released between 09/09/14 – 25/09/15. These albums must be available to buy as physical copy or a digital download and the artist or band must be from the UK or Ireland. Something to bear in mind, the albums picked should give a snippet of the year in  music.

Once the shortlist has been announced, the judging panel will regroup to choose 2015’s winner. The winner will be announced on 20th November in the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House and will be available on BBC Four and 6music.

The judging panel consists of a range of music based professionals; musicians, journalists, festivals organisers, DJs and composers. The judges decision is based purely on the quality of music, taking no note of chart success.

Tomorrow myself and Darryl will be posting our predictions. You can find Darryl’s predictions here:

Who do you think will make the list?


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