Låpsley – Hurt Me

Earlier this year I discovered the incredibly talented; Låpsley, thanks to Huw Stephens. ‘Falling Short’  and ‘Dancing’ were the strengths of ‘The Understudy E.P’ (02-03-15)

But has she played to these strengths with new release ‘Hurt Me?’

In a word, no.

This track will definitely gain her more air time on Radio 1, and not just on the Huw Stephens slot, but ‘Hurt Me’ focuses more on making the top 40 rather than staying true to her sound. Her unique sound just gets lost in this pop ‘hit.’ What makes Låpsley so special; is her unique voice and talent to mix tracks at such a young age. However this pop track will appeal to a different demographic but not one who may indulge in the beauty of ‘Station.’

I wanted to be wowed again; wowed in the way ‘Falling Short’  took my breath away. Unfortunately this didn’t happen but I still had it on repeat for the week, mainly for the B-side ‘Burn.’

‘Burn’ ticks all the boxes. It wowed me from the first captivating beats. Its subtle, has beautiful vocals and when Låpsley’s staple vocal reversal shakes up the whole track giving it a different edge it excites you for what she will do next.

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