Dismaland Bemusement Park

Me: “I got tickets to Dismaland.”
Mom: “Disneyland?”
Me: “No. Dismaland.”

When buying tickets if its not ran like a military operation, be prepared for disappointment. For success you will need; multiple tabs open in various browsers; card details ready to be copy and pasted, all to be done and dusted in 2 minutes flat! Disclaimer: this doesn’t always work. However, I was able to get Dismaland tickets after an hour of battling the rest of the world and constantly hitting refresh.

Dismaland has been described as a “Family theme park unsuitable for children.” So why are so many people desperate to get tickets? Are they actually aware of what it is they are letting themselves in for?

Honestly though, It is truly brilliant. I’ve never felt so engaged at an art exhibit before. Usually, I walk around the exhibit, admire a few bodies of work with even less resonating with me. But here at Dismaland; Banksy has curated a thought provoking Bemusement Park questioning the very world we live in.

Before entering the old Tropicana, you yourself become part of the art engaging with Bill Barminksi’s security screening room. If you can’t hack being heckled on the contents of your bag I suggest you leave now. After being harassed; having a door slammed in my face and a Dismaland leaflet thrown at me in disgust, I wasn’t left feeling bemused at all. In fact I found it hilarious.

But where to go next; The Cinderella’s Star Castle Ruin, The galleries or a quick visit to the selfie hole? Some many decisions to be made whilst the delicious smell of Dismalafel lingers in the air.

The amusement here comes in many forms. But are you willing to accept the challenge to hook a half sunken duck in less than 2 minutes? At £2.00 a go with the chance to win a cardboard fish finger in a bag?

No? Need a harder challenge?

How about trying David Shrigley’s ‘Winning is Strictly Prohibited.’ Naturally you would want to beat this game and you can certainly try. A game of pure skill and strength, where you may be able to knock an anvil over with a mere ping pong ball. It’s okay if you don’t succeed, you will be rewarded with a ‘Meaningless rubber bracelet’ or a souvenir balloon insulting your intelligence. And he said winning is forbidden.

See what I mean about it being brilliant? Why would you want to pay £2.00 for the chance to win a cardboard fish finger in a bag? Better yet; why would you want an actual fish?

If you’re blind to the statements being made at Dismaland, then your probably the ones walking around the Tropicana with a target on your back. There are many kinds of people who visit the temporary gallery at Weston Super Mare but the statements remain the same. We the consumer are more bothered about being able to park at SeaWorld than giving the Orca Killer Whales a larger tank.

If your planning on visiting Dismaland, don’t try to over assess it to sound like a contemporary art genius because your probably the punch line too.

No one is safe at Dismaland.


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