The last day.

I’m almost free.
As my Forever journey is coming to an end and already the outlook is already positive.

Even after a mini meltdown on Saturday evening (Day 6) I still pushed past the stress of figuring out what to have for lunch. I’ve just realised how strange this must seem, but honestly half the stress comes from deciding what you want to eat. After a 10 hour shift the last thing I want to do was come home to prepare this unknown meal.

After an hour or so of deciding I finally picked from, you guessed it, the M&S cook app. The ‘Creamy Courgette and Lemon Spaghetti’ but instead I replaced the courgettes with asparagus and tender-stem broccoli from the free foods. As this recipe was low in calories I also added prawns to bump it up.

The final shot of gel has been decanted into a pint glass and topped up with water thrown back. Never to be consumed again. For the final day of the program everything remains the same as before with the simple change of a 300 calorie meal replacing the second shake. YAY real food!

With the end of the program looming the temptation to have that brownie is now stronger than ever. However I have come this far and it would be a shame to throw all this hard work away on one chocolatey, heavenly brownie. Instead, a simple pitta pocket stuffed with sweet “n” smokey chicken and peppers; with a side of sour cream and chilli lentil curls. Job done.

For my evening meal; ’Glazed Chicken Thighs’ and ‘Parmesan, Potato and Thyme Gratin.’ These dishes combined equaled to 516 calories. Usually the gratin I’m used to would be extra creamy, this however was buttery and melted in your mouth, with the added bonus of lower calories.

After a weekend at work and analysing the food I would usually buy, to my horror the calories were sky high. Some might say all the nice things are bad for you, well I believed this to until I began preparing my own fresh meals and I can honestly say I haven’t eaten this well ever. The dishes I’ve made during the C9 have been simple and utterly delicious.

Tomorrow is the final weigh in.

I will be sharing my overall thoughts on the Forever Living C9 and how successful my journey has been.

Creamy Courgette and Lemon Spaghetti –
Glazed Chicken Thighs –
Parmesan, Potato and Thyme Gratin –


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