Days 3 to 6

After losing 5lbs and 8 inches off my body I was eager to continue the cleanse but most of all looking forward to eating again.

The worst is now over but all I can think about is the gel, even though I only have to drink that vile, cloudy, bitty tonic once a day now. Happy Days. With a week left of the C9, the diet has a few changes with the biggest being less Aloe, an additional shake and not forgetting a 600 calorie meal.

The booklet suggests you should have your 600 calorie meal for dinner but if you would rather have your meal at lunchtime simply swap your shake and meal around. Forever provide you with recipes for 600 calorie meals but not of these options tickled my fancy.

Through the power of Instagram, I found a simple runner bean pasta that looked delicious, posted from the very place I’m trying to escape; M&S. My first thought was that M&S food is pretty darn good, so their cook app must have some equally tasty ideas. So, to the app store I went. I was spoilt for choice.

The ‘Cook with M&S’ app is really simple to use and even easier for finding the healthier option, but don’t get tempted by their sweet treats! I found a variety of different dishes, all to my surprise under 600 calories and pretty simple to make. Let the prep begin.

Day 3 I prepared ‘One Pot Spanish Style Chicken’ approx. 510 calories. I needed something bursting with flavour and this certainly did the job. After drinking a lot of water and not really eating anything, a revitalising of the tastebuds was essential. The food smelt incredible and my stomach was growling; I felt like I’d been waiting for this meal for more than just two days.

Day 4 and next on the menu ‘Parma ham Wrapped Pork with Spiced Cornish New Potatoes’ approx. 395 calories. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make/prepare this meal and my gosh the potatoes were the best I’ve ever had. As the calories were short of 600 I added tender-stem broccoli from the free foods and added a drizzle of gravy.

The following couple of days I was working, so I needed something easy to take to work and not have to think about what to have. ‘Asparagus and Prawn Coconut Noodle Soup’  was approx. 479 calories, which I topped up with one slice of wholemeal bread to gain around 600 cal. It took less than 10 minutes to make and was a taste sensation at that, leaving me full and fuelled with energy. The perfect meal to take to work and bang in the microwave.

I’m already seeing changes with the way I’m thinking about food, from freshly preparing my meals I can now understand how the program resets your mind. Initially, I thought no way would those meals fill me but that was just a result of years of filling out my plate.

Not long left and I’m running out of Aloe.


One Pot Spanish Style Chicken –

Parma ham Wrapped Pork with Spiced Cornish New Potatoes –

Asparagus and Prawn Coconut Noodle Soup –


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