Aloe Aloe.

When it comes to; weight loss, detoxing or just generally getting fitter I honestly do not have the patience or motivation. I want instantaneous results but I love food too much and get bored of running.

So why am jumping on the Forever Living Clean 9 bandwagon?

On average I have a minimum of nine hours sleep, some may call this laziness but my body simply can not function otherwise. Even on a good day I face fatigue and often battle a midday siesta. Besides my abnormal sleeping pattern my body is causing me discomfort through bloating and a lack of toilet action. Sorry, TMI?

Normally I wouldn’t even consider something like this but because a friend of mine had such  good results, I thought that this could provide me with the instant results I’ve been searching for and hopefully motivate me to continue this healthier lifestyle. That is if I can resist the power of a chocolate brownie.

The C9 program is not just designed to help you lose weight although it can be the main incentive to commit to the nine day cleanse. Forever also claims to reset your mind and body leaving you feeling recharged, resulting in an improved immune system and changes in your hair and skin. I’m sure many of you will think I’m crazy for investing £90.00 for essentially a low calorie diet, but lets see the results first.

As the next nine days unfold I will be keeping a log of measurements; Weight, Chest, Biceps, Waist, Hips, Thigh and Calf, along with some photos for visual proof. The measurements are to be logged on days 1,3,6,9 which are advised by Forever and on these days I will share my journey with you. Before starting to cleanse you’re advised to cut back on; coffee, tea, fast foods and sugary snacks, a pre cleanse if you will. In addition to this you are recommended to drink Aloe Vera gel three days before, building a tolerance to the taste as well introducing it into your body.

I detest drinking the gel and on Day 1 I have to drink 480ml of it how am I going to cope?

Wish me luck, see you on Day 3.


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