Hansays_  has been back now for 11 weeks with a minimum of 1 post a week. Yes this was the main intention doing everything I could to prevent myself from fading into the black, but I fear I have reverted back to old ways.

Although my love of music has fuelled my most recent writing, I feel I have put myself in the very box which I was trying to avoid. I want to speak with words of passion for a subject, sometimes this happens effortlessly and other times I find myself regurgitating things I’ve said previously. I don’t want this to begin to feel like a chore again because I really do enjoy doing this but its time to step to different beat.

By not dubbing myself as a specific kind of blogger for the time being can allow me to find my voice and see where it truly echoes. Music will still be the underlying foundation, but by taking inspiration from other bloggers, I’m going to dabble in other areas. All I ask is that you bare with me. I’m no expert.



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