Topshop Jeans

You can’t beat a good pair of jeans. Let’s face it, they are the perfect garment.

The versatility is tremendous, coming in various styles, shades and finishes; there is something to suit all. They can be dressed up or down but ultimately they are the a staple garment for everyday comfort. Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans?

If your not familiar with Topshop’s jeans, they are divvied up under multiple names: ‘Leigh,’ ‘Jamie’, and ‘Joni’ are their bestsellers. You can view the full collection here:

I’ve previously purchased Topshop’s ‘Leigh’ jeans, which are super comfortable. I loved these so much that I ended up buying several pairs in a swatch of different colours. What made these jeans perfect was how they felt more like leggings but still had the coverage of jeans, so you didn’t end up showing knickers to the world. And grazing the top of your ankle makes them the ultimate skinny jean! These jeans became even more appealing when I discovered that they came up high on the waist, holding in all the wobbly bits. This gives that little bit more confidence needed when wearing a daring crop top. However my love affair with ‘Leigh’ jeans has ended. The fabric isn’t very thick and one day I caught my jeans which, much to my horror, caused a massive pull in the fabric. My perfect jeans were ruined! They were still comfy but the pull made them look tatty. Definitely not to be seen in public.

In search for a new pair of jeans, one which had all the qualities I adored of ‘Leigh’ but with a more durable fabric, I returned to Topshop. This brought me to ‘Jamie.’

‘Jamie’ is the best that Topshop has to offer, they hug your legs and taper to the ankle, making turning them up a dream. The quality of the denim is more durable than ‘Leigh,’ coming up nice and high on the waist for that tummy control and looking that bit smarter. These were easily one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve ever worn. Admittedly I haven’t treated myself to the denim royalty that is Levi, but for now ‘Jamie’ will do.

So I’ve had my jeans now for 3 months and usually you would expect to get a good years wear out of denim, but this is not the case.

Believe it or not it happened again!

I was very disappointed to find small tearing holes just above the pockets on the back and I couldn’t understand why they had started doing this. I don’t pull my jeans up via the pockets nor do I use my back pockets for holding items.

So why has this happened? Has this happened to you? Do I need to seek further pastures where the grass is green and the denim is durable?

So Topshop I make this plea; Figure this out!


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